True-Balance app: What is True balance app, How To Use it, Review, Promo Code

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Everyone loves cashback and nothing can be better when you have a single app to do recharges and earn cashback. True-balance is one such app. It is getting very famous nowadays with more than 10 million downloads with a rating of 4.1 stars on the Play store.

Today, we will talk about True-balance app. I will tell about the features of True-balance app, how it makes money, how to download and login on the app and last, but not the least, pros and cons of the app with my honest review.

What Is True-Balance App?

True balance app is a multi-featured app packed with services. Works like insurance and affiliate marketing can be done on the same app which makes it user friendly. It was mainly made for mobile recharges and cashback, but it has come a long way.

One special thing about this app is that only Indian users can use this app.

Features of True Balance

There are many features in the app which is the best thing about the app. Here is a summary of the services that it provides.

  • Payments- The first and primary use of True balance app is ‘recharges and payments’. Earlier, only mobile recharge option was available but now you can do DTH, gas, water and electricity bill payment also through the app.
  • Loan- This is a special feature of True-balance. There are rare authentic apps that provide loan to people. This app provides not only personal loan but also level up loan which helps people to make their lifestyle better.
  • Insurance- This app provides various insurance plans which start from as low as Rs 5. This may seem unbelievable but this is true. It gives personal, hospital and life insurance to the people.
  • Commerce- Not only to do recharges, but this app can also be used as a reselling app with which you can easily do affiliate marketing and earn commissions. You just need to refer the products available there to your friends and family.
  • Shop- There is a mini shopping mall on the true-balance app. You can get things there easily and at a discounted price.

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How does true balance App make money?

After reading all this, you must be wondering, how true-balance app makes money! There are actually many methods with which it is able to earn a good amount of money. Some of these are:

  • Margins From Sell: It sells many products on its store and it earns from the margin of the product the gets sold.
  • Money Transfer Commission: As you saw, it has many payment options which can be used. It provides a platform to transfer money, thus it earns its commission from there.
  • Loan Margins: Loans have a great margin. So, giving loans is one of the highest-earning methods of Truecaller.
  • Insurance Money: You know that this app does many types of insurance. There is a lot of commission in insurance and True-balance earns it all.

How To Use True-Balance App?

Now, when you know about all the basics of True-balance app, I am going to tell you how you can use True-balance app. In this section, you will get to know everything from scratch.

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How To Download True Balance app?

True balance app can be downloaded on both android and ios devices. It takes 33 Mb data to get downloaded and you can download this from Play store.

Various links are given here with which you can directly download this app on your device.

Unfortunately, there is no method to use this app on the desktop. You need a mobile phone to download this app.

How To Login On The App?

Here is the full step-by-step process to log in on the app. This can be done very easily.


Step 1 - Install The App

Install the app from play store form the links given above.


Step 2 - Open The app

When you will open the app, it will ask for various permissions so that you can use this app easily. Click on 'Agree and Continue' and allow the permissions.

true balance app install

It will ask permissions to access your contacts, location, phone, SMS and camera. It is based upon you which permission you want to give.

permissions asked by true balance app


Step 3 - Select Your Language And Enter Your Mobile Number

Here, you can select your preferred labguage. Since this is an Indian app, it supports many Indian languages like Hindi, Marathi, Kannada, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, etc.

languages in tru balance app

After that you need to enter your number. An otp will come to you phone which will be verified automatically. Generate password, and you are done!

login on true balance app

After that, the home screen of the app will pop-up which will give you many options as mentioned earlier.

home page of true balance app

True Balance Working Promo Code


True Balance Most Honest Review

Overall, I like the features of this app, but there are some things which I would like to mention. Here are the pros and cons of True-balance:


  1. You need to keep only this app and most of your money related needs will be fulfilled.
  2. You can take loan here on minimum guarentee. This is one of the simplest processes of loan taking which I have ever seen.
  3. It gives insuarance at the minimum price. (The price starts from Rs 5 only!)
  4. You get coupons here which you can use later.
  5. There is a mini in-built shop on the app on which you can purchase almost anything.


  1. You can use very less features without completing your KYC.
  2. This app still needs to improve the quality of products they sell on their true-balance app.
  3. The referral prize money is way too less! You get only Rs 1 when you refer it to your friends. Your friend will also get Rs 1.
  4. The cashback amount is very less (2%) in most of the cases.
  5. The lucky spin of the app is completely useless. This also decreases the authenticity of the app. You can never win anything on this lucky spin.
lucky spin of true balance

Overall, this is a very good app and I bet you will not regret after using it. If not much, then at least it is saving some of your money.


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