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Shergarh Fort, Bihar: Know All About Mysterious Fort, How To Visit

There are many places to travel in Bihar. One of them is the historical and the mysterious palace of Sher Shah Suri where he and his family was killed. Shergarh fort is very beautiful and it contains many secrets within it.

In this article, we will know about the secrets of Shergarh Fort and will also know how you can visit this palace. We will also talk about the architecture and the beauty of this palace.


The fort of Afghan ruler Sher Shah Suri near Rohtas district of Bihar is called the Fort of Shergarh. The fort has hundreds of tunnels and basement. No one knows where the tunnels open. This is the fort where the Mughal rulers murdered Sher Shah Suri and his family and massacred them.

Architecture Of Shergarh Fort

The architecture of this palace is very advanced and very special. Here are the features of the incredible palace:

  • The fort on the hills of Kaimur in Sasaram in Bihar has been built in such a way that nobody looks from outside. It is surrounded by high walls from all sides.
  • There is Durgawati River on one side of the fort, surrounded by forests from the rest of the side. There is a network of tunnels.
  • It also has to go through a tunnel to go inside. If the tunnels are closed, the fort does not even appear.
  • The basement here is so large that up to 10,000 soldiers can come. Sher Shah built such a fort to avoid his enemies and stay safe.
  • Sher Shah lived here with his family and soldiers. All the facilities for them were present inside the fort.
  • The rooms here are also built according to security. The enemy could also be seen coming from 10 km away from the fort in every direction.
  • Food and water could be stored for a long time in the tunnels present here.

Mystery Of The Tunnels

The fort, built 400 years ago, is mysterious. The tunnels were built to go out of the fort at the time of distress. The basement was built to punish the enemies. Thousands of tunnels are not like any other fort, and because of these tunnels, Sher Shah used to love this fort.

The secret of these tunnels was known only to Sher Shah and some of his trusted soldiers. One of these tunnels goes to Rohtas Fort. This helped the soldiers to go very far without being caught by enemies. About the rest of the tunnels, no one knows as to where they open and where they lead to.

Massacre In The Tunnels!

The reason why people afraid to go to this fort is thousands of murders. It is said that when the Mughals came to know about this fort, they attacked it. Humayun, the ruler of the Mughals, brutally threw the entire family of Sher Shah into the Durgavati River flowing from the bottom of the fort.

At the same time, thousands of soldiers were killed inside the fort inside the tunnels. The soldiers did not know the secrets of the tunnels and the Mughals did not allow them to leave. There has been no one in this palace since this big massacre. Even today, people are afraid to go here alone.

History Of The Fort

The history of the fort is nowhere good, but some historians pointed out that earlier, the fort was the owned by Rajput king Shahbaad. His mazaar is nearby in Sasaram city. Later, the fort was handed over to Afghan ruler Sher Shah Suri. The fort is located 32 km away from Sasaram.

According to some historians, the good friend of Sher Shah, Kharwar Raja Gajpti, gifted him this beautiful fort. The fort is built between years 1540 and 1545, and came into the hands of the Mughals in the year 1576. Sher Shah was an Orthodox Muslim ruler, so the dance halls in the fort do not seem to be the rule of Sher Shah.

It is also said that after capturing Rohtasgarh fort, Sher Shah came to know about this fort and he captured Shregarh Fort also. This fort was also known as Nawabgarh fort.

Treasure In The Fort!

People say that Sher Shah had a lot of mints in which he used to build gold and silver coins. One of them was in the fort of Shergarh. The treasure of Sher Shah is hidden somewhere in this fort, which has never been found. No one tried to go to this fort because of fear of going to this fort. The treasure is still suppressed here and it even Mughal invaders were unable to find this.

How To Visit This

This place is situated in Sasaram, and people could easily reach this place. Here is the most simple or common method to reach to this place:

  • You can come to Patna from anywhere in India by flight or by train.
  • Then take a bus or train to reach Sasaram.
  • After that, ask any taxi to take to this palace, you will easily reach there.

Final Words

Shergarh Fort is a very beautiful and mysterious forts, people who love mysterious forts will love o come to this place. Even if you are not a big fan of this fort, you will not get disappointed after visiting this fort. You must come here at least once and enjoy.

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