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If you are looking for money earning apps, then you must have come across Rozdhan app.

Rozdhan is one of the most popular earning apps nowadays, but before using that you must be curious about this app and weather it gives real money or not. You must also be curious about how to earn money from this app and also about how to maximise earning from this app.


Today, we are going to discuss these in detail and I will also share secret tips so that you can maximise the earning from Rozdhan app. Along with it, Rozdhan app review, its money earning proof and Referral code has also been provided. In the last part of this discussion, a section of question-answer has been provided so that you can clear your doubts. You can ask any question related to this app that you want in the comment section given below.

What Is Rozdhan App?

Rozdhan app is a money earning app which, like many money earning apps provide money for doing simple tasks like reading news, playing games and sharing this app with friends. This app is available on play store and you can start earning money after signing up and adding your phone number. Unfortunately, sign up option with email is not allowed here to prevent its misuse and you can also not sign up with different phone numbers on the same phone.

Rozdhan App Review

It has been said that it is one of the best-earning apps for those who want some money as their pocket money. You can easily install this app from the Play Store. It has more than one lakh reviews and the overall rating of this app is 4 stars which is a very good rating. Rozdhan has been installed for more than 10 million times.


Customers reviews say that it is a very good app for earning and you can earn a decent amount of money here. There are several methods to earn from this app and the good thing is that this app always brings new methods to earn from time to time.

Rozdhan App Review- My Review

I have used this app for a good period, so I can tell you some of my experiences from this app. I downloaded this app after reading the good reviews that it has and I used it for a while. You get Rs 50 as an instant bonus when you sign up and the minimum payout amount of Rozdhan app is 200 INR. You get Rs 25 as sign up bonus and Rs 25 as referral code bonus which is a good thing.

But later, if you are not able to refer it to your friends by using the Rozdhan code, then it will be tough for you to earn money easily.

But the good thing is that this app is updating and is getting better day by day. There are now much more methods to earn money than it was before.

You get coins for the tasks and the conversion rate is that- 5 coins convert into 0.02 Rs, so you need 250 coins to earn 1 Rs. Earlier, Rozdhan 1 coin value was 0.01 Rs, but it has changed now. So, referral code is the best way to earn from this app.

Rozdhan Referral code to earn Rs 25 –  06PNVR (First letter is zero)

How To Sign Up For Rozdhan

  • For Rozdhan App Download, go to play store and search for Rozdhan and you will get results like this.


  • Click on the Rozdhan app and install it.


  • It will ask you to choose your preferred language, you can select whatever language you would like this app to function in.


  • You will get the permission screen asking for various types of permissions. You may allow the app for a better result as the app says. But, in my opinion, you should not give unnecessary access of your device toa my app just for earning some money.
  • Phone number must be registered before you earn any coin.


  • Then the app will open and you will see news and articles popping up there. At the bottom, you will see 4 options, that are- News, Earn Money, Game and Me.



How To Enter The Invite Code In Rozdhan

Here are the steps to add the invite code in Rozdhan.

  1. Open the app.
  2. In the four option given on the bottom, one option will be- ‘earn money’. Click on that.
  3. You will get the option of ‘add invite code‘. Click on that.
  4. rozdhan-referral-code-review-earning-proof
  5. Enter the invitation code06PNVR (First letter is zero)
  6. If you have not signed up yet, then it will ask you to sign up.
  7. rozdhan-referral-code-review-earning-proof
  8. Remember, never sign up on one device with more than one number, otherwise it will show the error, ‘sign up limit exceeded’.


How To Earn Money From Rozdhan App?

  1. Refer and earn- As told earlier, this is the best way to earn money from this app. You will get Rs 50 after your friend installs this app using your referral code. Rozdhan Referral code to earn Rs 25 –  06PNVR.
  2. Daily check-in earning- This app claims that you can earn up to 1000 coins daily by check-ins,  but practically you can earn only 5 or 10 coins daily on starting. As days will pass, these coins will increase but you will rarely get 1000 coins any day.
  3. rozdhan-referral-code-review-earning-proof
  4. Read news and articles– Another simple way to earn coins is to read an article or news, it is a good thing that the news and articles are very interesting. So, if you like to read interesting tips and tricks then these articles will be perfect for you.  But remember, you will get coins only for selected articles.
  5. rozdhan-referral-code-review-earning-proof
  6. Share news and earn- This option is for the rest of the people who don’t like reading. Majority of people don’t like reading, so you can simply share the articles in your Whatsapp group and you can earn from this. To maximise your earning, you can do both- read the articles and share it too.
  7. Earn by walking- Want to stay fit and earn at the same time?? Then this can be the best option for you. With this option, you will be paid for walking, so the longer you run, the more you earn!
  8. Online games- You can earn from this app by playing games of various kinds. There are many games available in this app and you can play them online to earn the coins! Yes, there is no need to even install the games.
  9. Installing apps- There are many apps to install and you can earn coins by installing apps. You will get about 50 coins for installing one app.
  10. Earn By completing surveys- There are many surveys present in this app like Yono survey and you can complete the survey to earn coins.
  12. Earn By Rotating Lucky Wheel- You will get one spin daily and you can earn coins from this too.
  13. rozdhan-referral-code-review-earning-proof
  14. Write and earn- This is one of the latest features of Rozdhan app. You can write interesting news via We media and you will get paid when people read your news. Some people earn good amount of money by submitting news, but for many it is a torcher. It gives Rs 150 for the first time to write.
  15. At the right corner, you will be able to see a box which after clicking will open up and you give you some coin in return for watching a 5-second ad. If you are opening it the first time in a day, you will get 5 coins, then the box will come again after 5 minutes and if you will open it again, you will get only 2 coins and from next time, only 1 coin will be given to you. After that, the box will be available after 24 hours.


These were the options for regular users, but you will get many more options to earn coins if you are a first time user. Let’s have a look at these options.

Rozdhan Invite Code to earn Rs 25- 06PNVR (First letter is zero)

Ways To Earn Money- First Time User

  1. Read FAQs and Earn!- This is one of the most simplest things that you can do as a new user to earn coins. You will earn 100 coins for reading FAQs, but I have observed that most of the times, the coins are not given in this case even if you read the FAQs. In such a case, you need to reopen the FAQ section and read it 4-5 times.
  2. rozdhan-read-faq-earn-money
  3. First-time invite- You will get 1500 coins when you refer Rozdhan app to your friends. But if you do this for the first time, then you will get 2000 coins, 500 coins extra (2 Rs).
  4. rozdhan-first-time-invite-code
  5. Beginner Tutorial- You can read the beginner tutorial and earn 20 coins.

You can see the earning options, complete these and you will get the coins. It generally takes some time for the coin to reflect in the wallet.

Tips To Boost Earning

No matter how hard you try, you will not able to earn more than 30-40 coins daily if you are trying to earn coins by the simple methods. You need special tricks to boost your earning if you want to earn a good amount of money. Here are some special money boosting tricks that you can apply:

  1. Use other apps to earn along with this app. If you can earn even Rs 100 from one app, the total will be Rs 500.
  2. You need not read the whole news article really to earn money. You can simply scroll the article and you will get coins.
  3. It can be irritating to share news articles daily to Whatsapp groups to earn coins, so you can use the trick. Click the button in the Rozdhan app to share the article in Whatsapp group and when it redirects there, don’t click the share button and go back from there. You will be able to earn coins with this method.
  4. Check-in daily to get the check-in rewards.
  5. Write articles in We Media to earn much more than you can earn by using this app.
  6. Share this app to as many friends as possible. This is the simplest trick to earn money.

Money Earning Proof


Here is the money I earned. Needless to say, most of the money I earned is from referrals. This is the proof that this app gives money. It is slightly tough to earn money, but not impossible, if you are consistent and apply the tricks given here which I applied to earn money.

Is Rozdhan App fake?

Just now I showed the screenshot of the payment which tells that this app is not fake. However, it is slow to earn money if you are not able to refer the app to your friends. The earnings are becoming more tough day by day as the number of users of this app are increasing. In the year 2020, earning is tough than it was in the year 2019 and it will become tougher to earn money in the coming years.

Many users say this app fake only because of the reason that the app is super slow and it will take you months to earn Rs 200 if you are earning coins only by reading articles, playing games, doing quizzes, etc.

You must refer this app with as many friends as you can to earn money.

Rozdhan App Customer Care Number

Many people face problems in opening app, earning referral code, earning coins, etc. They search at various places but it is tough to get the correct answer without analysing the device. So, you must direct contact to the customer care of this money-earning app to solve your problem in case you are not getting the answer.

In case of any problem, you can contact the customer care of the app. They have provided an email address to contact them. You can write an email stating your problem and send it to the company. Like most of the apps, they have not provided the customer care number.

Email of Rodhan App- [email protected]


When you will click the 'Earn Money' option on the app, you will see various earning options. After scrolling down, you will find 'Play Quiz' app. You will need to install an app and then you can earn money by playing quiz. You will get about 50 coins extra for installing the quiz app.

Out of the four options given at the bottom, there will be one option named- Game. Click on that and you will be able to see many online games which you can play online.

There are many options to participate in Rozdhan activities. It has been explained in detail in 'how to earn money' section of this article.

You will earn 2 coins each time you watch a 5-second video. The video will be available when you click the box at the right corner. This option appears after every 5 minutes.

Since 5 coins stand for 0.01 Rs, 100 coins will give you 0.40 Rs.

You should restart your phone. If this does not work, you should clear all the cache and data of the app, uninstall the app and reinstall it. If this does also not help then you should talk to their customer care.

These articles will automatically pop up in your notification bar and you can read it from there.

You can use any cloning app to do so, but it is completely unethical. You must not do it.

You can use the referral code in the app for only once.

Unfortunately not, you need to transfer the money in Paytm and you can recharge directly from there.

You can't write and upload article directly from the app, you need to download another app named We Media for that.

In this case, you should uninstall the app and reinstall it. You can also email to their customer care- [email protected]

I have also observed this many times. Maybe you are scrolling the article too quickly. Scroll it slowly and wait for some time after reading the article to earn coins.

Unfortunately, you can't withdraw less than 200 Rs now from Rozdhan app.



We ( are not affiliated by Rozdhan app in any way and we are neither promoting Rozdhan app. This article is for informational purposes only and the opinions displayed here are the personal thoughts of the Author. This article does not guarantee that the amount shown or any amount can be earned from the method described above. The money earned depends on many factors.

The user will be solely responsible for any money loss that occurs to them. We strongly advise people not to give any money to the people who ask for money with the promise of providing the job.

We also do not verify that the details mentioned here are 100% correct as details change from time to time. We request our users to do research properly and then use the app.



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