Rohtasgarh Fort_ histoy, how to visit

Rohtasgarh Fort, Rohtasgarh: History, Architecture, How To Visit

Rohtasgarh fort is located beside a river in a beautiful and small city of Bihar, that is- Rohtasgarh. This fort is small, but it is very beautiful. If you are a lover of palaces and forts, then you will surely love this place and will want to visit it at least once.

In this article, we will talk about the Rohtasgarh fort, the history of Rohtasgarh fort, how and why this fort was built. Along with this, we will also know how to visit this place.


Bihar, located in eastern India, has many beautiful visiting places, one of which is Rohtas Fort. Yes, Rohtas Fort in Bihar is an ancient fortress located in Rohtas district, which is considered to be one of the ancient forts of India.

The story of the construction of this fort is very old, it is said that the fort was built in the Treta era by the sun-dynasty king of Ayodhya, the grandson of hung and the son of King Harishchandra. The fort of Rohtas Garh stands as a symbol of courage, strength and supremacy of the Sone Valley like the most magnificent forts of India like other forts. Rohtasgarh Fort has many places that attract tourists.

Rohtasgarh is also famous for waterfalls that fall eastward from the hills of Kaimur and get into the Sone River. You can come to Rohtasgarh and can enjoy watching many places together and see many surprises. This place is a very interesting place for tourists.

Strange Fort

Rohtasgarh fort is one of the most strangest places of India. This place is strange because of some unusual things that occur in this palace.

Located at a height of two thousand feet, the fort is said to have been dripping with blood from the walls of the fort. When French historian Buchanan visited Rohtas about two hundred years ago, he discussed the blood emanating from the stone in a document.

He said that the walls of this fort bleed. The people living nearby also consider it true. They also say that in the very first night, there was a voice from this fort. People believe that he was probably the voice of the soul of King Rohitachi. Everyone was scared to hear this voice. However, the sound coming from the fort and the bleeding from the walls is superstitious or true- the mystery is hidden in the trough of history.

Architecture Of Rohtasgarh Fort

The fort of Rohtas Garh is very grand. The cordon of the fort is spread over 28 miles. It has a total of 83 doors, including the main fodder Ghadhadaeeaghat, Rajghat, Kathoutia Ghat and Ram Ghat. The elephant built at the entrance, the turret of the doors, the painting on the walls is wonderful.

Rangmahal, Sheesh Mahal, Panchmahal, Khunta Mahal, Aina Mahal, Rani’s Jharokha, Mansingh’s Kachhari are still present today. There are many buildings in the complex whose grandeur can be seen from outside.

How To Visit

After learning about all the beauty and strange things of this fort, you must be willing to travel this fort as soon as possible, here we are going to tell how you can visit this fort.

Location Of Rohtasgarh Fort

Rohtas Garh Fort is located at a distance of about 55 km from Rohtas District headquarter Sasaram in Bihar. It is said that this ancient and strong fort on the hill in the downstream direction of the Sone River was built in the Treta era by the son of the Sun-dynasty king hung grandson of Ayodhya and the son of King Satya Harishchandra.

For many days, it was in the right of Hindu kings, but in the 16th century, Muslims went into the right and remained under them for many years. As historians believed, the boundary wall of the fort was built by Sher Shah from a security point of view so that no one could attack the fort. It is said that at the time of the First War of Independence (1857), Amar Singh had conducted a revolt against the British.

Visiting Hours At Rohtasgarh Fort

Unfortunately, Rohtasgarh fort is present in a Naxalite area, so visiting hours are very limited. People can only visit this fort at daytime and that too in groups. Due to the strange things occurring in this palace, people are not allowed to go to the interior of this palace.

How to come To Rohtasgarh Fort

If you want to come to Rohtasgarh fort, then, first of all, you need to visit Sasaram. This fort is located at 55 Km from Sasaram. You can take any taxi and visit this place.

The only problem is that there is no proper road to this palace. You can take a taxi to reach this place, but finally, you need to walk to reach this palace.

Final Words

No doubt, this is a very beautiful palace, but due to improper care, this palace has lost its shine and this made this palace unsafe to visit. If you are planning to visit this palace, you must know fully about this palace and then visit this.

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