LS college, muzaffarpur- full college details, admission process

Langat Singh College, Bihar: Full Details, Admission Process

Langat Singh College is one of the largest and the most prestigious institutions of Muzaffarpur. This has a large campus with many facilities for students. Thousands of students pursue their graduate and postgraduate degree from this college.

It not only promotes education, but also focuses on extra-curricular activities like involving students in different games and college functions.


Langat Singh College was founded in the year 1899. It is one of the oldest colleges of Bihar. This college was built by Babu Langat Singh as an effort to provide a place for quality learning to students. The history of this college is very interesting. Most probably, it is one of its kind.

Just after establishment, this college was affiliated to Calcutta University. But soon, it was declared as a government college and it was placed under Patna University.

In 1952, Bihar University got bifurcated from Patna University and this college came under Bihar University and since then, it is operating under Bihar University.

Courses Provided By LS College

LS College offers more than 28 courses across 6 streams, namely:

  • Science
  • Arts
  • IT
  • Management
  • Media and Mass Communication
  • Law

Below is the list of the top courses provided by this college:

  • BA– 10 Courses Offered
  • BSc– 4 Courses Offered
  • B.Lib– 1 Course Offered
  • BMC– 1 Course Offered
  • BBA– 1 Course Offered
  • BCA– 1 Course Offered
  • MA– 6 Courses Offered
  • MSc– 3 Courses Offered
  • Diploma– 1 Course Offered

Admission Process

The admission process of this college is similar to other colleges in Bihar. Admission can be done through online and offline processes. The offline process is very cumbersome and that’s why many people prefer the online process of admission nowadays.

Online Admission Process

For taking admission in this college online, you need to fill the form given on the official website of LS college. The official website of LS college is-

After going on this website, you will see the option to fill the admission form. Various admission forms according to the courses are provided on the website. You need to select the course which you want to do and then fill the form according to it.

When you are filling the form online, you need to pay the fees of the college online. You will get a receipt after payment, you can use this receipt as proof and take it to the college.

Offline Admission Process

Offline admission process seems easy to the students who are not much familiar with the internet. To them, this may seem a very simple process.

Here you need to go to the college and fill the form directly given by this college. After this, the college charges the fees and gives fee receipt.

Facilities Provided By LS College

Many facilities are provided by LS College. Some of them are given below.

  • Auditorium

Proper auditorium has been provided by this college to the students. This place can be used for various types of social and cultural activities. This develops the personality of the student.

  • Separate Departments

There are many buildings in this college and every building belongs to a specific department. For example, there is a dedicated building for the zoology department and another dedicated building for the botany department.

This describes the grandness of this college.

  • Dedicated Library

Many colleges provide a separate Library corner to the students. This college is not one of them. It provides a completely dedicated building for the Library. The Library is full of high-quality books belonging to almost every course offered by this college.

  • Canteen

High-quality, hygienic canteen has also been provided to the students. In this canteen, people can eat whatever they want. The college ensures that it serves tasty and healthy food to the students.

  • Computer Lab

Large computer lab has been provided by this college which helps students to apply what they have understood and also helps them in keeping pace with this fast-changing and modern world.

The computer lab is very sophisticated and latest-technology computers have been provided to the students.

  • Counselling Sessions

LS college takes care of the mental health of the students along with proving them the quality education. This is why this college organises counselling sessions for its students. The students are encouraged to attend the counselling sessions which occur from time to time.

Other Activities

Many other activities like sports, plays and dramas are organised in this college. This is done to ensure the overall development of the students.

The laboratories provided in this college are also elaborate which excites a student to know more about his/her subject. Not only this, but hostels are also provided in this college to make sure that nothing comes in between the education if the students.

Final Words

LS College is a very good college of Muzaffarpur, Bihar. Majority of students studying in colleges in this city study in LS College. It has a very good reputation and many students dream of going to this college. Large campus and playgrounds are the beauty of this college.

Not only this, but high-quality professors have also been provided to this college to make sure that students get the best education from here.

Interested students can take admission in this college with various methods as described above. But you should not take admission in this college on the basis of the information provided here. You must investigate this college before taking admission here.

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