Best Tricks To Get First Project On Freelancer (Guaranteed)

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If you are a new freelancer, then you must be struggling for your first project and even if you have got your first project, you must be struggling to get a good number of projects for constant earning.

Don't worry, every new freelancer goes through these problems and there are specific ways to tackle these. Here I am going to tell you some tricks which are super simple to follow, yet they are super effective in winning an ample number of projects. I guarantee you that you will get 10 times more projects after reading the complete article than you are getting now.

First of all, let me give you a short introduction about Freelancer and what jobs you will get there. Then I will talk about the steps that you must follow to get projects in freelancer.

In general term, a freelancer is a person who does freelancing and earns from this. In freelancing, you only do part-time work for some company or client. It gives you a sense of freedom as you can do the jobs that you want to do and you can go on holidays when you want to go.

Here we will talk about the freelancer app and website that provides freelancing jobs.


Freelancer is one of the best money earning apps (it is available as a website also)  which is being used by thousands of people in India to get freelancing jobs.

What Jobs Will You Get On Freelancer?

Freelancer is a very good platform and you will get almost all kinds of jobs here. You can select the job which is best suited for you. Here are some jobs that you get on freelancer:

  • Copy-paste jobs
  • Website development
  • App development
  • Copywriting jobs
  • Article writing jobs
  • Logo making
  • And much more...

There is no end of job types on this platform. You just need to select the right job according to your skills and once you start applying the tricks mentioned below, you will become a project magnet!

How To Get First Project On Freelancer

Everyone knows it is very tough to get the first project on freelancer. But, the tricks described here will make this process easy for you.

  • Know Your Skills

Before you start bidding on freelancer, you must know what your skills are. Only then you will be able to bid on correct projects according to your skills and you chances to get a project will double.

Take a pen and a paper and start writing the skills that you have. It may be possible that you have multiple skills or no skills at all! If you have multiple skills, then bid on the projects according to your skills.

get your first project on freelancer

Pro Tip

If you don't have any skills, then start with the copy-paste work and slowly upgrade your skills to get more projects and earn more money.

If you have skills, but you don't have much experience, you can work for free to gain some experience and exposure. This will polish your skills.

  • Make Your Profile Professional

If someone likes your bid, then the next thing that he/she will notice is your profile. Your profile details along with a professional profile picture plays a significant role in your selection. So make sure you write your profile seriously and give all the necessary data in it.

You must give tell about all your skills and your experiences here. It makes a good impression on employers mind and it will also help in rehiring which is very important. I have talked about rehiring in the later section.

  • Bid Smartly - Filter Out Technique

When the list of skills has been completed, you know exactly what work you want to do.

Now, comes the turn to bid. Most people bid on every project that they see hoping to get at least one project. This is not the way to get projects. This can work once or twice by chance, but this will not work for a long time.

Also, by doing this, you will consume all your bids. (Note that you get only 8 bids per month with the free account)

To save yourself from this, you must filter out some really good projects which are best suited to you according to your needs and skills.

Pro Tip

Make sure you don't bid on projects that look too much good. For example when the payment is very high and the work is too less. These are just bluff projects and there is a negligible chance that you will get that project. In addition, you will lose a bid too.

Bid only on those projects that you have filtered out.

  • Be An Early Bird

If you are thinking that you will filter out some bids and bid on all of them once and your work is over, you are thinking wrong. You need to check freelancer daily and look for the best projects to bid on. This is important as you will not get the best projects in one day.

You need to filter out best projects daily and bid on them.

This will also ensure that you are the first one or are one of the early people to bid on the project. This will increase your chance to get the project by multiple folds.

  • Write Your Bid Smartly

This is the most important step out of all. Do not skip any part of this. If you do this step correctly, then you get the project even if you do all the rest steps wrong.

Pro Tip

Remember: Never repeat the same automated message on every bid, this decreases the chances of getting the project.

Here are the steps to write a good bid:

  • Your Bid Must Be Small

Do not write long bids of 700-800 words. This is a very simple step, but surprisingly I have seen tons of people writing long bids. This makes you being ignored by the employer as no one is interested in reading long bids.

Have a look at this example.

best way to get first project on freelacer

Look at the second one, you will find that it is eye-catching and easy to read.

tricks to get first project on freelancer

This is a very long bid with too many examples. This is a poor bid for getting projects on Freelancer jobs.

Know that they just want to hear why they should hire you. They are not interested in listening to your full story.

Your bid should be only 100-200 words long.

Pro Tip

It must contain basic things like- greetings to the employer, tell that you have read the project fully and you can do it best, share your experience (don't write your whole experience, just give some data that tells you are experienced. For example, give some website URLs in case you are bidding on a web development project)

  • Mention Why You Are Perfect For The Work

Do you know that there are almost 445 million users registered on Freelancer and there are only 178 million jobs? Jobs are just half to the total number of users. So, you need to tell your employer why you are perfect to be selected.

The bid writing is all about telling the employer how you are perfect for the project. You need to give a reason why they should hire you. The reason should be

  1. Your low price.
  2. Good experience that you have.
  3. Some extra service you are providing, etc.
  • Add Something Extra That Others Have Not Given

This is a strong thing that can attract the employer and make them hire you.

Suppose you are bidding on a project on article writing. There, every bid will be telling that they will write the best article in every possible way. If you add something extra in your bid, for example, that you will give free editing service if any error is found in your content, then this will definitely attract the person hiring you and you can get you first project on Freelancer!

  • Write in Paragraphs

Writing a bid in paragraphs makes it easier to read and understand. It is a small point but makes a huge difference in the bid. Here is an example of this.

Here are two bids on the same project. Look at the vast difference both make just because of writing in paragraphs.

get your first project in freelancer
  • Show Some Of Your Work

It is important to show some of your work if want to look different from other bids. But, here also, you need to work smartly.

I have seen many examples where people give tons of their sample work. This gives a bad impression and you must not do it. You should give only 1 or 2 examples of your work and give extra only when the employer asks for it.

With these steps, the bidding part is completed. Many people think that this is it and they need not do anything else. But this is not true. There are some more steps which will ensure that you will get the job.

  • Send Personal Message

This is a special thing which most of the people don't know about. When you send a personal message to the employer, he/she will get direct notification from you and for sure, they will notice you first. This will increase your chances to get the project.

  • Chat Politely

When you are chatting with your employer, chat politely and make sure you keep your notification on so that you reply as soon as they send you a message.

Call the employer sir/ mam. This will make a good impression of you in front of the employer and he may also award you more projects in future.

  • Compromise In Starting

When you are just starting your work, then you need to do some compromise to make sure that you stand apart from the crowd. This compromise may be in the form of less money than you take or in the form of doing more work than your work than that is told to you.

This will make sure that you get your first project easily.

  • Focus On Rehiring

Once you get your first project, do not be over-excited as this is just beginning. To be a good and rich freelancer, you must focus on getting as many projects as you can.

A highly efficient thing that will help you to get more projects is rehiring. 

Do mind-blowing work for your employer so that they prefer to rehire you for future projects. This will make sure that you are earning continuously from freelancing without taking the tension to bid on new projects.

  • Ask For Rating

Most of the people do not ask for a rating. This is a big mistake. You must ask for rating every time you do a work. Believe it or not, your rating affects you.

Person with a ranking of 5 stars is more likely to be selected in place of a person with no ratings. This is a common human psychology.


This person has a high chance of getting selected due to a very good review. That's why you need to do something special to get selected.

More good rating that you will get, it will be easier for you to get the project, and you can also increase your price.

  • Give Your Employer Good Rating Too

This is a point that is always under-estimated. You must give a good rating to the employer. This is a very important step as this will increase your chances of getting hired by your employer again!

  • Keep Upgrading Your Skills

You must update your skills regularly so that you can get more projects in your niche.

Also, in this time of tough competition, if you will not upgrade your skills regularly, then after some time people with better skills with you will take your place. So, this is very important.



These were the ways which can be used to get the first project on Freelancer. Along with it, I told the ways to get continuous projects and also shared the special trick of rehiring which will be very useful for you.

I hope these tricks will help you get your first project as soon as possible. Share your queries below in the comment box. All the Best!


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