Hago App Most Honest Review- Get All Pros And Cons Of Hago App

Hago is easy money earning app which gives money for playing games and adding friends. It has more than 100 million downloads on play store, and more than 4 million people have given it a rating of 4. This app attracts people as people want to earn money while playing games, and it has over 80+ games to play.

History Of Hago App

Nikita Bier founded Hago app. HAGO is the short form of ‘Have a Good One.’ It is a Chinese social gaming and chatting platform. Most of the users of this Platform are from India and Indonesia, and so this app is available in both Hindi and English.

Hago is not only a gaming app. People can also chat and can make friends with this app. Popular games like ludo are also present in this app to play.

What All You Can Do On This App?

You can do many things on this app. Here is a summary of these:

  • Play exciting games with friends. You can also earn from this.
  • Discover strangers: Here, you can discover strangers from all around the world and can also be friends with them.
  • You can also join different channels based on your interest.
  • Share the Hago app and earn money on each referral.
  • Check-in daily and earn coins.
  • Withdraw Paytm cash easily in exchange with coins.

Tasks To Earn Coins

There are many things you can do to earn coins on this app. Some of these tasks are:

  • Follow the official Instagram account if Hago app and get 300 coins.
  • Add friends to earn money.
  • Check-in daily to earn coins.
  • Enter Hago Money Plant event and water plants.
  • Complete daily gift tasks and earn coins.

Pros And Cons Of Hago App

pros and cons of hago app

There are many pros and cons of this app. You should use this app only after knowing about all the pros and cons.

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  • This app has many gaming options. So, if you are a game lover and mobile space becomes a problem for you, then you can use this app.
  • This app also provides chat options. It is excellent if you want to play with your friends.
  • Different channel options are here, which can be joined according to the interest of the person.
  • This is one of the apps which gives you the option to earn while playing so that you don’t feel guilty anymore when you play.
  • It has an option of ‘Discover’ which helps you to make new friends.
  • The withdrawal method is straightforward.
  • You can earn Rs 25 by sharing it with a friend.


  • You have to invite one person to withdraw the money from Hago account.
  • Some of the channels available on the app are very vulgar.
  • Money tree of Hago app is completely useless; you can never win any award there.

Should You Download This App?

The answer to this question depends upon you. Now, when you know all the pros and cons of this app, you can decide yourself if this app is good for you or not.

Make sure to never share your sensitive information with this app. There are some games which may ask for money, but it is better to stay away from these tasks and games.

Final Words

This is a good app to earn some money, but you must have a longer vision and see how you can earn a good amount of money online. This can be done with the help of apps like Freelancer.