10 Best Tricks To Get More Surveys On Google Opinion Rewards (Tried And Tested)

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I am using Google Opinion Rewards for a long time now, and I was worried about How To Get More Surveys On Google Opinion Rewards as the surveys were scarce. Then I researched and observed the pattern of this app, and I noticed some tricks which are fully legal are very helpful in increasing the survey of Google opinion rewards.


If you are also looking for How To Get More Surveys On Google Opinion Rewards, then this post is for you. Read it properly, and you will get up to 20 times more surveys that you are getting right now. First of all, let us know what is Google Opinion Rewards is.

What Is Google Opinion Rewards





Google Opinion Rewards is an app by Google, which gives paid surveys. This is a straightforward app where you have to answer simple questions and Google will pay you for answering questions.

The questions are very simple, and these are related to your earnings, your app experiences, the experience of the places you visit, etc. Although there is no right or wrong answer because this is a survey, you are asked to be as honest as possible. This is necessary to get surveys regularly.

You will get a notification when the survey is available and once you tap on the notification, the survey will open in the app. You must remember that the survey is only available for 24 hours, so if you are unable to complete the survey within 24 hours, you will lose the survey.

How To Use Google Opinion Rewards

Before knowing ‘How To Get More Surveys On Google Rewards’, we must know how to use it properly so that we could get the most benefit out of it.

Here is the step by step to use Google opinion rewards.

Installing The App And Signing In

  1. Download Google Opinion Rewards from play store and install it.
  2. You will see little information about how the app works and how you can earn.
  3. It also tells you that the money you earn will be credited in your Google Play Balance.
  4. Then you will see the Google accounts with which you can sign-up. Keep in mind that the money will remain in the Google account with which you sign-up, so double-check the Google account with which you are signing up.
  5. Then a screen with the terms of service of the app will pop up. You need to accept the terms by clicking on the ‘accept’ button to proceed further.

Account Setup

  1. Next, you need to set-up the account. It will hardly take one minute.
  2. You need to submit your first and last name, postcode and country name.
  3. After you do this, it will ask your age. The options will be given in age range, and you need to select the age range which you fall in.
  4. Then it will ask your gender. Make sure you fill all the information correctly.
  5. Then it will ask the languages that you are able to understand. It will give surveys on the basis of this.

Special Tip: If you add more languages, then you will get the opportunity to get more surveys.

Giving First Survey

Then you will get your first survey which you need to complete. This is just a test survey, and you will not be paid for this. But, that does not mean that you can ignore the survey. You need to answer the questions correctly; otherwise, you will not be able to Get Frequent Surveys On Google Opinion Rewards.

This is a collection of very simple questions, but you need to answer it carefully.

How To Get More Surveys On Google Opinion Rewards?

Here are the simple tricks which are very effective in getting more surveys on Google opinion rewards.

  • Keep Your location On

You will get more surveys if you will keep your location on. This is because the surveys are generally based on the experience that you got. They will ask about the feedback related to some shop or some service.

  • Use Famous Android Apps And Uninstall It

You will not get this google survey trick anywhere else. I have found this after using the app for almost a year. If you uninstall famous apps, then you will get surveys asking why you uninstalled this app and what was your experience with this app.

I got a survey when I uninstalled the famous game PUBG. I got almost 13 INR from this survey.

  • Do Not Give Fake Answer!

Some answers have more reward than others. Due to this many people end up giving fake answers in order to earn more money.

Google is much smarter than you think. It prefers your genuine answer. If you give different answers each time, then it will recognise that you are giving a fake answer and it will stop giving you surveys.

  • Open App Regularly

If you will open this app regularly, then there are more chances that you will get surveys. This trick is not as powerful as other tricks, but it works. You should open the app at least once daily for best results.

  • Do Not Skip Questions

Many times you will see questions asking about your personal things like income. You may feel uncomfortable while answering. There is an option that says – ‘prefer not to say’ and you may choose that. This will cut your earnings and you will not be able to get surveys after this. So, answer every question to get more surveys.

  • Visit Famous Shops and Restaurants

Visiting famous shops, malls and restaurants help a lot in getting new surveys. It is a very good method to get surveys. You will get questions related to your experience there. You can earn a good amount of money by giving answers.

  • Send A Feedback

Many people do mistakes and Google Rewards completely stops sending surveys to them. If you are one of then this trick will a life savour for you.

Take a screenshot of the homepage of Google Rewards and send it as feedback writing that you are not getting surveys at all. You will soon receive a survey after that.

  • Try Changing Your PIN Code

Many times, you will not get many survey if you are not at a popular location in your city.

You can try editing your PIN Code in the settings and replace it with the PIN Code of a popular location which is nearby to your location. Remember to keep the location nearby otherwise google will detect that you are telling lie and you will stop getting surveys. In my option, a location which is 10-15 km near you is a good option.

  • Use Multiple Accounts

This is the most unique and simplest trick. It is guaranteed that this trick will work. But remember to not use these accounts in the same phone otherwise Google rewards will stop sending surveys to you.

The best method is to use this on multiple devices. However, if you are not able to do so, then you can also use apps like parallel space. These apps are helpful in creating dual accounts on the same phone. It works for many people. If it is not working for you, then uninstall the second app from your device.

  • Use The Money Available In Google Opinion Rewards Account

I have seen that if you are just storing money in your account and not using it, then you will not get surveys as you were getting earlier. You need to use some amount from your google opinion rewards account.

You can use this money on movies, in-app purchases, app purchases, games purchases etc.


So, these were the best tips and tricks that will increase the number of surveys for sure. I have applied these and saw an increment in the number of surveys I was getting. You must try these at least once. Here the payment proof f the money I have earned through Google Opinion Rewards.


These tricks will definitely help you to earn more surveys, but do not think that this will make you Bill Gates. It will be best if you use it with other money earning apps like Awign. It is good for earning a little bit which you can spend on entertainment, which is fine. One more thing is that this money is not transferrable, so you can’t use this money for any other thing.

Here is the amount of money that you will earn.


Some apps claim to transfer this money to the bank account, but these are fake. You can lose your money while using these apps. So, better to use this money on play store or youtube.

Here we talked about how you can increase the number of surveys in Google Opinion Rewards.

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