Frapp App: How To Use Frapp, Frapp Contact Number, Honest Frapp review, Frapp Referral Code

Frapp app is a very good genuine money earning app. This app pays a small amount of money and is good for people who want to earn some pocket-money from apps. It is also good for people who want to increase their income from online earnings by using multiple apps.

This article is dedicated to the Frapp app and today we will talk about how to use the Frapp app and what is Frapp’s contact number and address. I will also give an honest review of Frapp will provide a referral code for Frapp which will add to your earnings.

What Is Frapp App?

Frapp app is a small earning app that gives simple tasks and you can earn money by completing these tasks. It is very simple to use and the earnings are also good.

Frapp is not like other freelancing apps where you have to do a job to earn money. Here, the tasks are very small. For eg., like a youtube video and you will get money, comment on the youtube channel and earn money, connect your Instagram account

It was founded by Niranjan Nakhate in the year 2014. This is a trusted Indian app which must be used if you want to earn some money in your free time.

How do I use Frapp?

Frapp app is user-friendly and you can use it even without any instructions. Here is the step by step process on how to use Frapp app.

Registration On Frapp

Step 1: Sign-up to Frapp app with your phone number.

Step 2: Complete your sign-up by verifying it with OTP.

Step 3: Fill your name.



Step 4: Fill your email address.



Step 5: Fill the name of your city.



Step 6: Congratulations! You are ready to start earning.



Works on Frapp

There are three types of jobs available on the Frapp app. These are:

  • Training Jobs- These are jobs with training purposes.
  • Small missions- These are small missions like- message someone on Whatsapp, add something to your Instagram story, etc.
  • Internships- These are proper large level internships like- article writing, sales, and marketing, etc.



Is Frapp App Safe?

It is a question that comes in the moned of almost every person before using this app. Since this app gives money for doing simple things, so it is obvious that people doubt this app.

But, there is no reason for doubt. I am using this app for the last 2 years and I haven’t faced any problem with this app. This app has paid me a good amount of money and the withdrawal process is also simple.

You can withdraw the money directly in your Paytm account. The minimum withdrawal amount is 20 Rs only and you can earn this within a week.


How To Download Frapp App?

Frapp app is available on the Play store for free and you can download it directly from the play store. Alternatively, it can be also downloaded from the download button given below.

This app has more than one million downloads and more than 20k ratings which is a very good thing Its rating is also good (4.4).


It is very simple to download it and its app version is completely safe to use.

Frapp App Most Honest Review

I am using Frapp app for the last 2 years and I know almost every corner of it. I am going to tell you all about Frapp in this section.

Pros Of Frapp App

  • This is a real, genuine earning app and every person who is interested in some part-time earnings can use this app.
  • Instagram influencers with followers as low as 200 can participate and earn form this app.
  • The tasks on this app are really simple and can be done by giving only 5-minutes a day.
  • By checking-in this app daily, you can earn a good amount of money.
  • This app keeps itself upgrading by adding new earning methods in it.
  • The withdrawal process is very simple and easy (and safe too).

Cons Of Frapp App

  • This app gives fewer tasks if you have not submitted your college details.
  • The internships are tough. You really need to work hard to be selected in internships.
  • Frapp app is increasing its withdrawal limit from time to time. Earlier, the withdrawal limit was only 10 Rs and now this has been increased to Rs 20.

Truly speaking, I found this app very useful and do not find any problem with it. You must use it.

Frapp App Contact Number

Frapp has provided its official contact details on the Play store. It has given its email address although no phone number has been provided by them.

Email Address of Frapp: [email protected] 

You can mail your queries and find your solutions. Alternatively, you can also write your queries in the comment section and I will try mt best to answer it.

Frapp App Working Referral Code


Here is the working referral code for the Frapp app. Some people think that this code will give money, but this referral code doesn’t pay any money.

If you want, then you can use this code, but without the code also, it will be the same.


This is one of my favourite apps and I love the new upgraded jobs and ways it is providing to its users. You should try it at least once.

What is your opinion on this app? Comment below.