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Dr RMLS College, Muzaffarpur- Full College Description And Course Details

Dr RMLS College is a famous college in Muzaffarpur. The full form of this college is Dr Ram Manohar Lohia Smarak College.  This college was built in the memory of the great socialist leader Dr Ram Manohar Lohia by some of the educationalists and philanthropists.

This college became an affiliate under Bihar University in the year 1968. It provides degree courses to the students up to honours level in the stream of science and arts.


Dr RMLS College was build to provide good higher education to the students. This college provides many courses to the students. This college is not as huge as the other colleges of Bihar, but Dr RMLS College compensates it with the low fees that this college takes.

This college has a high-number of SC and ST students. This college also has a large number of female students, which tells the seriousness of this college about female education.

Courses Provided By Dr RMLS College

The courses provided by this college are limited to some of the most important courses. This is done to ensure that the fees of the college stays low and still the students who are financially challenged can also have a proper education.

Here is the list of the courses provided by this college:

  • BBA- Dr R.M.L.S. College, Muzaffarpur offers 3 Years Full-Time Bachelors Degree in Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA).
  • BCA- Dr R.M.L.S. College, Muzaffarpur offers 3 Years Full-Time Bachelors Degree in Bachelor of Computer application (BCA).
  • BA- Dr R.M.L.S.College, Muzaffarpur offers 3 Years Full-Time Bachelors Degree in Bachelor of Arts (BA)

These courses are very cheap, but have very high-quality.

Admission Process

Since this is a college specially built for the poor section of the society, the main admission method for this college is the offline method. Most of the students coming in this college belong to the SC/ST community and often come from distant villages.

The online process for admission have also been made available but very less people use this method. Most of the students prefer to take admission directly from the college.

Offline Process

The offline process of admission is cumbersome and it requires coming to the college many times, but the students who do not have access to the internet choose this method to fill their form.

In this process, a student needs to come to the college to check when the form filling of the college will start. Then, after the filling of the form also, students need to visit the college time to time while filing the application form for exams.

Online Process

The online process of admission is very simple but only a few students know about this method and hence do not use this method.

In this method, students can check online when the admission form gets released and they can fill the form online too.

Not only this, the problem becomes much simpler because students can fill their examination form also by going to the official website of Dr Ram Manohar Lohia Smarak College.

The official website of this college is- https://www.rmlscollege.in/

Facilities Given By This College

The college is small and is cheap, so the facilities given by this college are also very less compared to other colleges of Bihar. But, no matter what, the basic facilities have been provided to the students so that students can have a good experience at the minimal possible price.

Here are the full details of the facilities provided by this college.

  • College Campus

The college campus of this college is not as large as it should be, but this has been fulfilled by a separate campus given inside the college by the administration. The building of this college has 2 floors and both floors have different classes.

Different buildings for different courses are not available in this college and the whole college is situated in one building itself. But this does not discourage the students from taking admission in this college.

  • Canteen

A small canteen has been provided to the students so that they are able to fulfil their needs in the college itself. But, as expected, the size of this canteen is very small and very limited amount of service is available in this.

  • Library

A dedicated library hall is present in this college to make sure that the students get proper education from this college. The library also helps the students as it makes sure that students can get the books in the library which are expensive in general.

  • Hostel Facility

The only main setback of this college is the lack of hostel facility. The students who study in this college come from places which are very far away from this college.

It will be a great relief for the students if this college provides hostel facility to the students. Then, this college may see a vast increment in the admission of students.

  • Extra-Curricular Activities

Many extra-curricular activities occur in this college to make sure that the proper personality development of students is taking place. Students are encouraged to take part in different competitions to develop their skills.

This is a very good thing and students learn a lot from this.

Final Words

This is a very good college for financially challenged students, but even then, the facilities provided are not enough. Very less facilities have been provided to the students which are not enough.

This facilities must be improved to make this a good college. The fees of this college is very less, so it will gain a huge popularity among poor students after making some developments.

Remember, this is your personal decision to choose a college, you must check the college properly by visiting it before taking admission in a college.

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