Money Earning Apps That Actually Pay

Several money-earning apps will pop up when you will search for ‘Money Earning apps‘. But unfortunately, most of them are fraud or pay so much less amount of money that even if you work hard for a year, you will barely be able to earn some money.

This article has been brought up as a complete solution to this problem. Here you will get the complete list of apps from all categories which pay well and you will be able to find the best ones which will fulfil your requirements completely.

But before knowing about the apps which pay money, you must know what are money-earning apps and how you can earn from these apps. You will also get a dos and don’ts list which you must not skip as this list is one of the most crucial parts of this article. At the end, you will get a special tip to which will help you to maximise your earnings from these apps.

Basics About Money Earning Apps

Before we began talking in detail, you should know the basics about money-making apps so that you can understand its complications and benefits.

What Are Money Earning Apps?

Money earning apps are the apps that give money to people using it and in return, people play some games, watch videos or do some work. These apps are becoming very popular nowadays because these are easy to use and can provide a good amount of money if used smartly.

Why Are Earning Apps In Demand?

Time has changed a lot, and in today’s time, people are looking for those jobs which can give them the comfort of being at home and flexible work hours.
Be it a student who wants to earn enough to fulfil his pocket money needs or a homemaker who wants to spend her spare time in earning money, all of them prefer online work. Even professional people want to do full-time work online so that they can live a life in the way they want, thus online earning is very much in demand.

Do Cash Win Apps ‘Really’ Pay?

The demand for money-making apps is very high and thus there are thousands of sources present online who claim that they can help people to earn money. But unfortunately, only a handful of them are genuine and pay people. Among the once who pay, very fewer sources pay a decent amount of money.

Working And Precautions Of Online Earning Apps

How It Works

Although every app works differently, some basic things are common to every app, and you must know it.

Every app will give you some work, and you will get paid after you complete the work within the given time frame you will be paid. After you complete the minimum payout amount (I have talked about it later), you can withdraw the money. It is as simple as that.

Dos And Don’ts

Earning money online is very simple, but you must take care of these:

  1. To use the apps, you will need either a valid phone number or an email id or both in some cases.
  2. Make sure you give the phone number that you use personally because crucial information related to your payment or work may come on it.
  3. Don’t give any wrong information about yourself because many apps keep cross-checking the accounts to stop the spamming.
  4. Never give money on the name of any job.
  5. Share your payment details only if you trust the app and never share sensitive information like your PIN in any case.
  6. Do not give unnecessary permissions to the app. They can steal your data.
  7. Last and most crucial point. Do not use any bypass or script on the app to earn money. This can ban you for a lifetime on the app, and if the matter is serious, your wallets like Paytm wallet may also be prohibited.

These are just general instructions, and you MUST read the dos and don’ts specific to the app by clicking on the app name before using the app to make sure you earn money safely.

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Is It Illegal To Earn From These Apps?

Now comes the most crucial question, where it is legal or not to earn from the apps. The short answer is- Until you use some illegal method to bypass the works given by the app to earn money, it is entirely legal to earn from these apps.

I must tell you that a friend of mine recently lost about 667 dollars (forty-eight thousand Indian Rupees) because his Paytm account was blocked as he was using illegal methods to earn money online. So, never use these methods. Complete the tasks provided there, and you will be able to earn money very easily.

All About Money – Apps That Pay

How Much You Will Be Able To Earn From These Money Earning Apps?

This is the part for which many of you must have been waiting for. But unfortunately, there is no direct answer to this. Earning from the app depends upon many factors like

  1. The skills that you have– Some freelancing jobs like web designing has a lot more money than a simple data entry job.
  2. The time you spend on the app- It is a simple fact that more work you will do, then you will get more payment.
  3. Visit the app– Daily visit to the app will keep you updated about new money earning ways and your chances to earn money will increase many times.
  4. Your referrals– Many apps give a decent amount of money when you refer the app to your friends. So if you have many friends, then you can exploit this feature fully and earn much more.

Talking about an estimate, one can earn from a few hundred rupees to thousands of rupees from these apps. If you are exceptional and have some good skills then your earning can also go to lakhs.

Methods Of Money Withdrawal

This is last but not the least topic. Even if you earn a decent amount of money and you can’t withdraw money easily then all that earned money is wasted. Here is some common method of withdrawal used by these apps:

  1. Direct Transfer of Money to Paytm Wallet- This is the easiest method of money withdrawal and that’s why most of the apps use this method to pay money. But after you get the money in the Paytm wallet you can use it in a limited way as it will take charge to transfer money to the bank.
  2. Transfer to Paypal– Paypal is used in the whole world and the apps which are well-established use Paypal to transfer funds.
  3. Direct Transfer to Bank– Some apps have the facility to transfer money directly to the bank. Some apps may charge you to transfer money to banks but most of them are free. This is the most convenient method to withdraw money as you can use the money as you want to use after withdrawal.
  4. Google pay It is rare to find this method of withdrawal but some apps may use this also.


  1. There may be some other methods of withdrawal also other than the one mentioned above.
  2. Some apps may have more than one method of money withdrawal.

Minimum Payout Amount

Almost every app has a minimum payout amount. Only after you earn more than that minimum payout amount specified by the specific app, you can withdraw the money. The minimum payout amount can vary from 0.1 dollars (10 INR) to 30 dollars (2000 INR) depending upon the type of app you are using. Popular apps have higher minimum payout than the apps which are in the developing stage yet.

Some apps also keep some amount as permanent balance which could not be withdrawn. They do this so that you keep coming to earn more and more.

Money Charged By These Apps

Yes, you read it right. Many apps charge money for providing jobs. The money charged varies from one app to another and it also varies depending upon the type of job that is provided. This money is directly cut from the balance that you have.

Time Duration In Which You Will Be Paid

This differs very much from one app to another. Some earning apps pay instantly and others may take up to one month to pay a decent amount of money. You will have to complete the tasks provided but these apps regularly to make sure that you receive payment from time to time.

It is very tough to find those sources manually. So, we are up with the list of best money-earning apps. Make sure you read the full details of how to use the app by clicking on the name of the app before using it so that you can earn without any hassle.

The apps listed here are listed under different headings according to the task you have to perform to earn money from the app. With this, you can easily find the app which will suit you according to your needs.


Free Money Earning Apps

Here is the detailed list of the apps which pay. The apps are categorized to make the navigation easier, but there are many overlaps in these categories as money earning apps give more than one option to make money and withdrawal methods are also more than one. There are some money-making apps which need to be discussed in detail before using that app because these are large apps and any mistake make you lose your money. Such apps are discussed in details and you can click on ‘know more’ to know about it.

Earn Paytm Cash easily

Here is the list of apps through which one can easily earn a good amount of Paytm cash and transfer it to the Paytm wallet.

In this app, you can earn by completing tasks, playing games, referring to friends, etc. After the money in your wallet reaches the minimum threshold then you can withdraw it in your Paytm wallet.


  1. Earn money by doing simple tasks.
  2. You can write articles here and earn up to 20k INR per month.
  3. Just after login, you get 25 INR as a bonus amount.
  4. You will also get daily check-in gifts which will increase your earnings.
  5. Referral amount is very good, you will earn up to 1500 coins for inviting friends after your friend reads the news. You will get 30 coins per invitation.
  6. You can also earn money by playing games and installing apps.
  7. In addition to all this, you will also get coins for walking! Fitness and earning at the same time!
  8. You can read and share unlimited articles and earn money.


  1. Minimum withdrawal amount is 200 INR. Although you can easily earn 50 INR by signing up and entering the referral code, you will struggle to earn 200 INR.
  2. The coins convert into less money than expected. 5 coin= 0.01 INR which is too much less. By this speed, it will take months to earn 200 INR.
  3. The app pays very less for reading articles and only selected articles give coins when you share them. And after some time, no article will be left to give coin on sharing. The articles refresh the next day.
  4. It is tough to earn money here unless you refer it to your friends. So, if you have a good number of friends, it can be a well-paying source.

Minimum Withdrawal amount – 200 INR

Withdrawal Method(s) – Paytm

Referral code – 06PNVR


– In this app, you can earn Paytm money by watching videos. You can also install apps to earn money.


  1. Earning method is very simple, you can earn Paytm cash by watching videos.
  2. You can log in to maximise your earnings as you will get an extra sign up bonus.
  3. The withdrawal method is too easy, just enter your Paytm number and the money will be transferred to your Paytm account almost instantly.
  4. By adding referral code, you can earn Rs 3 instantly.
  5. You can also earn money from this app by installing apps.


  1. You get very less amount of money by referring it to friends. Even if you invite 100 friends, you will be able to earn only 500 INR.
  2. The earning from the videos is very much less.

Minimum Withdrawal amount – 30 INR

Withdrawal Method(s) – Paytm

Referral code – NA


It is one of my favourite apps for small earning. Here, you will have to do simple tasks like liking some videos and commenting on the videos and you will get a good amount of money from this. It can be directly transferred into the Paytm account with one swipe.


  1. Earn a good amount of money by doing very simple tasks like liking a video, commenting on a video, etc.
  2. It is an easy earning app and you can easily earn up to 200 INR per month by doing these easy tasks.
  3. Each of these tasks will pay you 5-20 INR.
  4. You just need to submit the proof (screenshot) to the app and once the screenshot gets approved, you get the money.
  5. Good app for earning money along with other apps.
  6. You can withdraw the money in one swipe to the mode of withdrawal,


  1. You need to upload the id proof that you are a college student to get more surveys. You can get small tasks without uploading the id proof.
  2. The number of tasks is very less and you will have to check almost every day if there is any task for you.
  3. It takes about 1 month to reflect the balance in Frapp account. So, you get the money very late.

Minimum Withdrawal amount – 20 INR

Withdrawal Method(s) – Paytm

Referral code – NA


Earn Money By Completing Surveys

There are thousands of apps which pay money when you complete the survey, even google pays after completing the surveys. But there are only a handful of apps that pay fairly. Other apps make you do long surveys and the payment is very less in comparison to the survey time duration. These apps use the surveys to collect your data and share the data to the third parties which use this data to modify their product or service.

So, you must know what to share with them and what not to share. You will always get an option to ‘prefer not to say‘ and by clicking on this you can skip that question.

Here is the list of genuine paying survey apps.


– Google rewards is a good app which gives you short surveys and pays well. This is one of the best survey earning apps but there is only one fault. You cannot transfer money to any wallet or bank account. You can use the money in this app only for purchasing from the play store.



  1. Small duration of surveys. Most surveys are of very short duration, they are only 1-2 minute long.
  2. A good amount of money is paid for completing the survey.
  3. The balance stays for 1 year in the google play wallet.
  4. You can earn good amount of money in a short time.
  5. You can use this money in buying movies, games and also in in-app purchases.


  1. The money cannot be transferred to any other wallet. This is the biggest con of this app. Although some apps claim that they can transfer the money to your wallet or bank account, their charges are way too much. Some apps charge up to 60% for transferring! And even then they do not take guarantee to transfer the money.  In my opinion, it is best to use full money on movies and apps.
  2. Although the money paid on a survey is high, surveys are very less. You will get only 1-2 or at most 3 surveys in a month.
  3. Money stays in the google play wallet only for one year. This is just too much!

Minimum Withdrawal amount – You can’t withdraw money from this app.

Withdrawal Method(s) – NA

Referral code – NA



– Here, you get longer surveys to answer, but the good thing is that the payment given is according to the length of the survey. The good thing is that you can transfer the money to your bank account.



  1. You can earn good amount of money from this survey app used to earn money.
  2. You can get up to 200 SB points per survey and use the SB points to purchase gift cards and you can also withdraw the money.
  3. Surveys come more often than other survey apps, so you don’t have to wait for a survey.
  4. The withdrawal amount is low, you can easily withdraw your money.


  1. You will not be able to do most of the surveys if you are not located at one of the major cities in India. This is the major con of this app. I tried many surveys but I wasn’t eligible for most of them.
  2. Due to fewer surveys, it becomes tough to collect SB points.
  3. The surveys are way too long, sometimes it can go up to 45 minutes and it becomes tiring to answer those long surveys.
  4. The last and most irritating con is – after midway of surveying for about 30 minutes, you will come to know that you are to eligible for the full survey and you will be thrown out from the survey and to keep you motivated they will give just 5-10 SB points! All hard work goes in vain.

Minimum Withdrawal amount – After you have 500 SB coins, you can withdraw it in the form of $5 amazon voucher or the form of $5 Starbucks gift voucher. With 2500 SB pains, you can withdraw $23 in your Paypal account.

Withdrawal Method(s) – There are many withdrawal methods like Amazon gift card, Starbucks gift card, Paypal withdrawal, Walmart gift card, Target gift card.

Referral code – NA



Here, you need to complete surveys to earn. Besides, you can also download apps to earn some extra money.



  1. Here are many earning options in this app.
  2. You can earn by answering surveys, using apps and doing shopping.
  3. You can earn up to 40% cash-back on many stores.


  1. It does not give cash-back on most of the stores.
  2. It takes time to earn good amount of money.
  3. This app is not that much well made, so you will face difficulty while using the app.

Withdrawal: You can withdraw the points as vouchers. Vouchers of good e-commerce companies are available here. You can also withdraw money via Paypal.



–  Here you need to answer simple survey questions and the app pays you money for completing the survey. You can also get gift cards as payment which you can use in purchasing the production wish to purchase.



  1. This is a very clean app and is very simple to use.
  2. You get many payout options.
  3. This is an only survey app and this is the only method with which you can earn money.

Withdrawal:  you can either withdraw money as Paypal cash or get vouchers instead of points.



Apart from the survey, there are many methods from which you can earn from the app. You can earn by playing games, watching videos, giving opinions and you can also do free trials. This app pays all amounts as cash. Multiple earning methods make it easier to earn money.



  1. This is one of the best-rated money earning app. So, you can get assured that you will earn money.
  2. You can earn money daily.
  3. Money can be earned from this app by completing the tasks provided here.
  4. You will also get surveys to complete after which you will be able to earn points.


  1. When the points convert into cash, it turns out to be very less money.
  2. In some cases, you need to pay money to earn more, we never suggest to pay money to any app.

Minimum withdrawal amount: You can withdraw min 5 dollars and you will able to get after you earn 5000 points.

Withdrawal Method: You can withdraw money via Paypal.



Best Free Recharge Apps

Yes! You read it right. It seems impossible but there are many apps which give free recharge. In this time when even 1 GB per day data pack seems less and we need at least Rs 200 per month to do recharge, it will be a big relief if we get free recharge! So, to fulfil this wish here is the list of free recharge apps which will give you either money for free recharge or will give data as cashback!


In this app, you will have to do various tasks and you can earn up to Rs 200 per month.



  1. You can earn free recharge up to 200 INR.
  2. Apart from free recharge, you can also earn free talk-time and vouchers.
  3. You can earn money by exploring apps and watching movies.
  4. You will have to complete the task given to earn money.


  1. You will really have to work hard to earn recharges and vouchers.
  2. Only by giving 2-3 hours daily to this app, you can earn some free recharge.



Here you can get recharge vouchers and much more by playing simple games and downloading new apps.



  1. You can earn good money by referring.
  2. You can also earn money by using new apps, watching videos, playing games and doing shopping.
  3. You can earn most of the money by shopping and referring this app to friends.


  1. The payment method is not that much good and most of the time your money will stuck in ‘earn talk-time app‘ account.
  2. This may happen to you many times that you install many apps but still, your wallet will not be updated.
  3. There are many technical errors in this app.

Withdrawal Method: You can withdraw the money by recharging your phone, DTH or you can also purchase coupon with the balance which you can use elsewhere in shopping.



You can earn free talk time from this app as the name itself suggests. You will just have to download some apps and use them to earn money.



  1. The process of recharge is too simple. You just need to sign-in, earn points and use that points in doing recharge.
  2. You need to download the apps and you can earn Rs 10 or 20 with each download.
  3. The payout methods are very good.
  4. It claims that by inviting friends you can earn unlimited talk-time.
  5. It supports large number of operators.


  1. There is only one way to earn from this app, that is to download apps.
  2. You need to download many apps to earn good amount of money, and these apps will make your phone bulkier.
  3. Many times, you will not be able to install apps to earn money.

Withdrawal Methods: You can do either recharge or get the voucher of  Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra and many good shopping websites which is a very good thing.



– It is one of the most popular free recharge apps. Also, there are many methods in this app to earn money. You can earn money by playing quiz and completing the tasks given. Good thing is that you can also transfer this money to Paytm directly.

Its details have been mentioned below.

Play Game And Earn Money Online

Most people love playing games and this will be a bonus to them if they could earn some money from these games! These people are searching for these kinds of apps but again most of the apps do not give plenty amount of money. Here are the best apps from which you can earn while playing games.


– Taskbucks provides multiple facilities as stated earlier and one of its facilities is to provide money earning games. There are many games that you can play without installing and you can earn good amount of money from them



  1. You can earn here by playing games and installing apps.
  2. Earning is easy, just install the app, use it and earn money.
  3. Those who have free time can also play games and earn.
  4. You can also play quizzes to earn money online from apps.


  1. The earning is too low in comparison to the app size recommended to download.
  2. You do not get the money instantly, you will have to wait for a few days and will have to use the app daily only then you will be able to earn.
  3. It will take time to be able to earn good amount of money.
  4. Your phone may run out of space because you need to download heavy apps to earn money.

Minimum Withdrawal amount – Rs 25 per week.

Withdrawal Method(s) – You can withdraw money via Paytm or you can also recharge your number directly.

Referral –  You can earn Rs 20 if you sign up using a referral code and you can earn Rs 25 per referral once your friend completes the task. You can earn good amount of money by referring it to friends.



  • HAGO

– This is one of the most popular gaming platform. Here many games are provided to play and earn. You can play interesting games like ludo and earn money from the app. This app claims that it even provides free recharge but I haven’t found it good enough.



  1. It has many earning options and you will never be bored with this app.
  2. You can earn by playing games and installing apps.
  3. Besides this, you can also do many other things like live streaming, chatting with friends, making new friends, etc.
  4. This app is very engaging.
  5. You can earn good referral reward.


  1. The money earned by playing games is too less.
  2. This app has some serious connectivity issues.

Minimum Withdrawal amount – Rs 25.

Withdrawal Method(s) – You can withdraw money via Paytm.

Referral code- NA


Best Cashback Apps

We continuously buy some products from shopping against like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. What if we get some cashback on each product that we buy! This is one of the most effective methods to earn money as people say

Money saved is Money earned!

So, if you are serious in saving some money then you must try these cashback apps. Now when you search cashback apps, most of the apps give coupons which are either expired or it is not applicable on your account.

Due to this problem, at last, people stop searching for cashback app and loose their hard-earned money which could have been saved otherwise.

Here we are providing some best cashback apps so that you can save plenty amount of money.


Here you will get exclusive coupons based on your account. The main thing given here is the referral money. The money given here is given as CD money and you can convert it into Rupees.


  1. This is the most popular and most trusted cashback app.
  2. This app gives exclusive coupon codes to apply while shopping and get a massive discount.
  3. Referral earning is very good.
  4. It gives CD cashback which can be applied on next shopping or can be converted into real cash.


Coming to cons, I noticed only one, that the coupons are not as much effective as it should be.

Referral- Share your referral code and earn 10% of what your friend buys for a life-time.




– This app is the same as the previous one. This one is just less popular than the previous one. I am providing this app so that you can compare both apps and can search the best coupons to apply.





– Here automatic cashback of 5% is applied on recharges, DTH, gas bills, electricity bills, etc.



  1. One can get loan up to 50k INR here.
  2. The cashback can be applied on recharges, gas bills, DTH, train tickets and gold purchase.
  3. You can use the promo code while doing the payment.
  4. You can also earn a commission when someone buys a product from you.
  5. Cashbacks are provided on gift cards also. You can get a cashback up to 3000 INR.
  6. Bike insurance can be done at 5 INR which is too low!


  1. You can transfer money to bank account only if KYC has been done.
  2. Cashbacks that are provided are too much low. You get only Rs 1 when you refer it to a friend.
  3. Cashback provided cannot be transferred to anywhere else. You can use it in-app only.
  4. Its wallet limit is only 10k INR and you can load up to 10k INR per month in it.


Best Of Best: Highest Paying Apps

Now this is the list for serious earners. Here you can earn good amount of money and can it can be as good as full month earning if you are serious. Many people are doing full time earning on some of these apps and they are getting very good income.

NOTE: You must click on the app name and know fully about the app because these apps are highly paying apps and these follow their rules very strictly. They can block the user for forever if they found some policy violations.


– This was the first app which gave me quite a decent amount on money. It is very good app for those who want to earn in thousands. You can select from many internships given here and once you get qualified, you can work on that project.



  1. This is one of the best-earning apps for those who are not skilled in a particular field. Here you can get jobs like copy-pasting, calling from home, ordering food, etc.
  2. The payment method is very simple.
  3. The woks provided are very simple and can be done very easily.
  4. The payment is also very good and you can earn up to 10k INR easily from this app.


  1. The payment is done about 1 month after completion of the job.
  2. Less payment is given in comparison to the work they expect.
  3. Poor customer service – When you will ask for the delay in payment, managers will either not pick up the call or will not give correct information.
  4. Even if you are ill, they will call you continuously and will make you do the work at any cost.
  5. Some managers are very rude.

Minimum Withdrawal amount – There is no minimum withdrawal amount.

Fees Charged by this App – They cut their margin and then pay to the users, so this information is not done public.

Withdrawal Method(s) – The withdrawal method is very simple. Just add a Paytm account and your online earnings will be transferred to your online wallet.


-This is the app on which many full-time users are there. They earn very good amount of money and you can earn it too. You just need to register and bid on projects. Click here to know more about bidding so that you can successfully get a new project. Also, there are many policies which must not be violated otherwise it can suspend your account.



  1. Here you will many varieties of jobs from copy-pasting to professional money earning jobs. This is a perfect app for both part-time users and full-time users.
  2. Here the verification process is very easy. You just need to sign up and you can start bidding on the projects.
  3. You can upgrade your profile to be noticed easily.
  4. Money withdrawal is easy and fast from the second time.


  1. It sorts bids from best rated to worst rated making it easier for the employer to find the best freelancer, but it makes the work of new freelancers difficult as they get less chance of selection.
  2. Price paid is very less. An employer can choose the price that he/she wants to pay. Many times, employer pay very less but still people do the work.
  3. First time it takes 15 days to withdraw money. However, from the second time, you can get money within 2-5 days based upon the mode of withdrawal.
  4. They block the account when they detect any contact of the freelancer and employer outside the app. However, their detection is slightly weak.
  5. Their fee is too high.
  6. Sometimes, people award a project and don’t pay, in that case, fees will be deducted from your pocket. This happened to me and when I talked to freelancer service, they told me that they did their job so they will take their fees no matter you earn or not.
  7. While withdrawing the money, your name in the freelancer account and the bank account should be same otherwise they will not process the withdrawal request. Some people hate this.

Minimum Withdrawal amount – Minimum withdrawal amount is 1500 INR for India.

Fees Charged by this App – This app has very high fees. Sometimes it can charge up to 50%!

Withdrawal Method(s) – There are many withdrawal methods. You can withdraw the money in the bank account, Paypal, account and wire transfer are also available.



– This is just like the more upgrade and more professional version of Freelancer app. You will get high payment on this app but you must be more professional only then you will be able to get work here.



  1. Get high paying jobs here. Some people say that earning is tough here. But I find that Indians will find high-paying jobs here.
  2. It gives tips! It is the first freelancing app that promotes giving tips and you will enjoy the tip after that much hard work.
  3. One thing that makes it different from other freelancing apps I that you don’t have to bid on the projects and ask for work. Clients will come to you and offer work. But this has a disadvantage for new freelancers as they get less chance to be selected.


  1. Fiverr cuts 20% of the payment as its commission. Not only that, it even takes a commission on the tip given by the employer! Who does that?
  2. Just like other freelancing apps, they are very strict about communication outside Fiverr. Such communication is not acceptable to them and they can shut your account for this fault.
  3. It is very tough to get the first project because employers chose whom to select for their project, there are more chances that they will choose an experienced freelancer.
  4. You can withdraw money only 14 days after the order is marked as completed.

Minimum Withdrawal amount – Minimum withdrawal amount starts from $5 (350 INR).

Fees Charged by this App – This app charges 10-20% of the payment as fees.

Withdrawal Method(s) – Just like other apps, it also has many withdrawal options. You can withdraw money via Paypal, credit your Fiverr account to transfer money directly to Bank account.


– This is also like Fiverr but is more strict than that. On freelancer, you can start bidding once you register but here, your profile needs to be verified before you can start applying for jobs. Your profile will be rejected if you do not look professional or your skills are not sufficient enough.



  1. Easy to register and get well-paying jobs.
  2. You will get a job according to your skills, making it easier for you to earn money.
  3. The payment given here is very high and if you continue to do good work, you can earn very good amount of money from this.
  4. This app requires you to to be professional and if you fulfil that, you will have no problem in making it a full-time job.


  1. It is very selective when comes to selecting profiles as freelancers. It has set its standards high to provide amazing service to its users.
  2. You need to have good skills to earn from this app. Try upgrading your skills to earn more.
  3. As most of the high paying app has, it also has fees which it charges for giving you a job.
  4. It is very strict and if you don’t follow its rules and regulations, it will suspend your account and in severe cases, it can also block your account for forever.

Minimum Withdrawal amount – There is no minimum withdrawal amount, you can withdraw any amount of money from this app. But, that amount needs to be greater than the charge of this app.

Fees Charged by this App – This app charges 10%-20% as commission on the payment that you get. Commission decreases as the payment increases.

Withdrawal Method(s) – There are many withdrawal methods in Upwork and these methods are different for different countries. Here we are talking about the withdrawal methods in India.

  1. Paypal – Paypal is used worldwide and it is used in India also. You can withdraw money via Paypal but you will have to pay $2 (about 140 INR) as fees per withdrawal.
  2. Bank Account – You can withdraw the money directly to your bank account. Hre you will have to pay $0.99 as fees every time you withdraw the money.


Secret Tips To Multiply Your Earnings!

  1. Use more than one money-earning app to earn money. This will multiply your earnings many times.
  2. There should be a variety in the type of money earning apps you are using. For example, using Freelancer app and Fiverr app together will not help that much because you cannot work on both at the same time. But, if you use an earning app and a cashback app together, then your online earnings will increase as you will be able to get the benefit of both apps at the same time.
  3. Level up from low paying apps to high paying apps as you upgrade your skills. This is one of my favourite strategies. I started my earning from low paying app like Frapp and continued till Upwork where I was earning much more than I expected. So, keep upgrading.
  4. Keep doing work consistently, this will increase your skills and also increase your earnings.
  5. If you feel that any app is paying you less than your skills, then it is the time to upgrade to another high paying app. Do not use any illegal method to earn in this case as ultimately the app will recognise you and you can lose all your money.
  6. Referrals always pay more, so try to get as many referrals as possible. Your earnings can be tripled by this method.

DISCLAIMER: This information is based on personal experience and you can have a different experience while using the apps. You can not earn any money or earn little money with the method. We are not responsible for this.

We hope you liked this post on how to make money through apps. We tried to provide all the money earning apps. In case of any query, you can comment below or contact us.