Best leg exercises For Thighs (1)

Best Leg Exercises To Lose Leg Fat

Fat in legs and thigs are a big problem that occurs to the people who try to lose weight. People want to lose thigh fat as soon as possible, but without some specific exercises, it is very tough to lose thigh and leg fat.

In this article, you will know about many effective exercises that will help you to lose thigh and leg fat. These exercises will work effectively if you do these after doing full-body exercises first.


As people know, the muscles of the foot are very large, so it becomes very necessary to train these, but many people ignore the exercise of the legs.

People focus mostly on chests, backs, biceps and triceps, leaving the lower body muscles, so that’s why their legs appear thin, causing their upper body growth and leaving the legs.

Know Your Legs Before Exercise

You must know the parts of your legs before working out on them. It will help you choose the exercises that are suitable for you.

  • Quadriceps – Quadriceps is a group of muscles located in front of the thigh. Quadriceps consists of four different muscles.
  • Hamstrings – Hamstrings are the muscles behind the upper leg and their group of tendons. Flex hamstring is present at knee joints and hamstring is used in walking, running and many other physical activities.
  • Glutes – Glutes muscles are a group of three muscles, gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus. That makes up our butt.
  • Calf – Calf is the lower part of our hind leg, which is made up of two muscles.

Best Leg Exercises To Do

Here is the list of the leg exercises that you should do to lose thigh fat. If you do these exercises regularly, then you will lose thigh fat.

Barbell Squats

Our first exercise is The Barbell Squat. It is a compound exercise. This exercise is effective for the overall growth of legs.

How to do:-

  • First of all, take the overall body warm-up to squats.
  • Slightly widen the legs slightly from the width of the shoulder and keep the fingers out.
  • Keep your back straight, don’t move back and forth.
  • Keep your core tight.
  • When you go down, take glutes up to 90 Degree Angle.

Sets – 3
Reps: 8 – 12

Note: Anyone who doesn’t feel comfortable to do this squat should include Bulgarian split squats in their exercise routine. With this exercise, you can learn to do indirect squats.

Bulgarian split squats – (Additional)

Our second exercise is the Bulgarian Sprints Squat. It is considered to be a very good exercise. Must include it in your exercise routine to see incredible effects.

How to do: –

  • First place the foot on the flat bench to do this exercise.
  • Keep the back straight.
  • When you go down, don’t let the knee go beyond the toes.
  • Do not use a dumbbell at the beginning.

Sets – 3
Reps 8 – 12

Leg Press

Our third exercise is the leg press. This exercise is a very effective exercise. With this exercise, we will target our quads of the muscles.

How to do: –

  • Maintain a stable body on the leg press machine.
  • Put the upper body on the bench.
  • Slightly widen the legs slightly from the width of the shoulder and keep the fingers out.
  • Touch the feet to your stomach.

Sets – 3
Reps 12 – 15


Our fourth exercise is a deadlift . This exercise is a very good exercise. With this exercise, we will target hamstring muscles. The advantage of this exercise is that it also involves lower back.

How to do: –

  • To do this exercise, first make the handgrip by making the accordion of the width of your shoulder slightly outward.
  • Open the accordion of the width of your shoulder.
  • Keep the back straight.

Sets – 3
Reps 12 – 15

Glutes Bridges

Our fifth exercise is Glutes Bridge. This exercise is a great exercise. With this exercise, we will target glutes muscles.

How to do: –

  • To do this exercise, first lie down on the ground.
  • Open the shoulder width according to the legs.
  • Keep the back and glutes straight when you raise the dumbells plate upwards.
  • Do not use wet plates in the early days.

Sets – 3
Reps 12 – 15

Seated calf raises

Our last and sixth exercise is the seated calf raises. With this exercise, we will train the calf muscles. We have seen that many people do not train the calf muscles, but remember that without the calf muscles, you will not have the overall development of our legs.

How to do: –

  • Use a seated calf raises machine in the gym.
  • Adjust the tango to the machine.
  • Gently move the heel upwards and gently downwards.

Sets – 3
Reps 12 – 15

Common Mistakes While Doing Leg Exercises

Here is the list of common mistakes that people do while doing leg exercises. It is very important to have the knowledge of this.

  • Do not put the foot on the right

While on the slide, many people keep the airs out lightly. If the sides are not fully in the slide, it takes too much pressure on your knees because your full strength does not look at the slide when the toes are out.

  • How to push weight

You should never bring the weight down too much while doing the leg press. In fact, when you bring the slide very close to your body. Then push the weight back by putting strength from the abdomen. The people who do this put their lower back in great danger. Your lower back or lumbar spine is largely fixed, i.e., you cannot round it as much as the waist. Always bring the slide as close as you can after you don’t have to take the waist.

  • Straightening the legs again and again

It is called to lock the knee completely by straightening the foot. You should never do this, never straighten the foot completely. People often lock the knee to breathe in the middle of the set. These positions are very dangerous for the knee. Your knee can never turn into a vomiting direction and taking rest in the middle of the set anyway spoils the set.

  • Knees inward

This is usually done by people with low strength. This position is also dangerous for your knee as it can damage the ligament. People who have pain in the groin also do so. It makes the hiccups feel relaxed, but it is totally wrong.

  • Put Your Hands On The Knees

This often happens by putting heavyweight. The hands themselves go to the knees and we also put pressure on the knees with the hands while pushing the weight. This gives support to your knees, but your waist position worsens, which should be completely straightforward. There are two handles on the side of this machine and they are not sure to decorate. Place your hand on them and hold them tightly when the weight is heavy.

Final Words

It is very important to train leg muscles and after some time, these leg exercises can become a part of our daily life. It seems very simple to do these exercises, but these are very important for the proper growth of the leg muscles.

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