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B.Arch Course- Full Details, College Fees, Best Colleges

Many students have the dream of becoming an architecture and design beautiful buildings after class 12th. This can be done by the study of B.Arch after class 12th.

B. Arch of Architecture is the best course for some students to become architects after 12th. Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch) is a bachelor’s academic degree that satisfies the academic component of professional recognition organizations. Through this area, students develop their drawing and design techniques and also learn how to consider the community and environment around their designs. Architects can work according to the customer’s needs. Architect must be a combination of artist, professional and enterprising qualities.


Bachelor Of Architecture: It is a five-year bachelor’s degree under which students are taught about architecture i.e. designing, which is in the form of semesters. In this course, students are taught how to outline houses, apartments, shops, and various types of buildings that are built by civil engineers.

In this article, you will know all the details about the B. Arch course, along with its fees, future opportunities and best college list for this course.

Prerequisites Of The Course

Here are some of the important prerequisites of this course. You must keep this in mind before doing this course:

  • The course is tough to do as it includes a lot of drawings. So, this can be tough for students who are not interested in drawing.
  • This carrier also includes much creativity of the students, so you need to be creative so that you can create unique designs.
  • Also, your hands should be stable so that you can draw the lines perfect and straight.
  • Measurements of the drawings also matter here. So, you should be got at this.

Full Details Of B.Arch Course

In this section, you will know all the details about the B.Arch Course which is one of the most trending course nowadays due to increased demand.

Basic Requirements For B. Arch Course

Here is the list of the basic requirements that are very necessary to get admission in this course:

  • B. Arch students are required to pass 10+2 exams with Mathematics and English as one of their subjects.
  • To take admission, it is must that the students score more than 50% marks in 12th class.
  • Students can get admission in this course through JEE Main, NATA, etc. courses.
  • Many private universities also conduct their entrance exams for admission to B. Arch like BIRSAT, SRMEE etc.
  • Students are allotted to various colleges based on their entrance test scores.

If you want to pursue this course, then these requirements must be fulfilled by you. If you do not fulfil these requirements, then your form will be rejected.

Best Colleges To Pursue B. Arch Course

Here is the list of some of the best colleges in India to pursue B. Arch course:

  • Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai
  • Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi
  • National Institute of Technology or NITs
  • Punjab University, Chandigarh
  • School of Planning & Architecture, New Delhi
  • Government College of Architecture, Lucknow
  • Government Engineering College, Trichur (School of Architecture)
  • Government College of Architecture & Sculpture, Mamallapuram

College Fees Of B. Arch Course

The college fees of B. Arch course varies from college to college. The fees of Government colleges is very less as compared to the fees of the private colleges. But, the competition of Government colleges is very high, so if you cannot afford private college, then you must study hard and go to a government college.

But, if you can afford to go to private college, you can take admission there.

The fees of Government colleges is only 10-20 thousand per year, but the fees of Private colleges can go up to 20 lakhs per year.

Competitive Exams To Get Admission In B. Arch Course

Here is the list of top competitive exams which you can attempt to take admission in this course. This list only contains top exams of India:

  • AMU Entrance Exam
  • BEEE
  • KEAM
  • NATA
  • UPTU SEE Exam

Carrier Scope After B. Arch Course

Very few people know that there are vast carrier options after doing this course. In this section, you will come to know the best carrier options which are available here. After doing the Bachelor of Architecture course you can get jobs like:

  • Career opportunities for architects are very high due to the boom in construction and designing sectors.
  • They are demanded in various government and private organisations.
  • You can work in construction, urban planning, urban development corporations, public works departments, interior designing, etc.
  • Architects have a lot of employment opportunities in firms, universities, consulting companies, etc.
  • Global markets especially in the United States, Australia and Dubai provide attractive careers and jobs for architecture graduates.
  • Government organizations provide employment opportunities to BARH candidates like archaeology department, National Building Organisation, Ministry of Defence, Railway Department, Housing and Urban Development Corporation, Public Works Department etc.
  • After completing graduation, you can go for higher education. You can do a master’s degree or further study in the architecture field.
  • You can also work as a lecturer in various institutions.
  • You can work with an architectural firm or under the supervision of a well-established architect.
  • As an architecture consultant, you can work in various construction companies.

Future Of This Course

In future, the demand for this course is going to increase by many folds. This is because more and more people nowadays want to build their houses in proper design. Due to this, the demand for this course is going to increase in the coming times.

So, it will be a good course in the perspective of the future.

Final Words

This is a very good course for those who are interested in this course. If you think that you fulfil all the needs of this course, then will prove to be a very good course for you.

If you don’t think that you are perfect for this course, then you need not to worry, there are many other courses in which you can apply and can get your dream job.

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