Awign App Review | Tips To Boost Earning | Earning Proof

Awign app is a new earning app and when I found it, I thought it is fake or low earning app just like other apps. But when I used it, I found out that this is one of the best-earning apps and I started recommending it to everyone. Today, I am going to give Awign Review, Awign Referral Code, Tips to boost earnings from Awign app and I will also provide earning proof.

Along with this, I will provide a dos and don’ts list so that you can stay safe from getting banned on this app and I will share my first experience with Awign app.

First let us know what is Awign.

What Is Awign App

Awign is an app made by Indians and it calls itself work fulfilment service provider. It is a very good initiative which provides real part-time and full-time jobs which pay money. A Bengaluru based company started this app, and it has done an excellent job till now.

More than 100k people have downloaded it till now, and it has a rating of 4 stars on Play store.


How Does It Work

Before we come to know how to use this app, we must know how this app functions and provides money, so that we can utilise our full knowledge to earn money from Awign App.

This company has tie-ups with many giant companies which needs workforce for part-time or full time. Since these vast companies cannot put time and effort to search for people who will work for them at good prices, Awign does that for them.

Awign app provides a workforce to these companies at very cheap prices and takes its commission directly from the company. By this way, it gives jobs to people.

This app has a partnership with many well-known companies in India like – Myntra, Swiggy, Zomato,  Medlife, Oyo, etc.

Here is the full list of the companies with which Awign works. You must have a look at the list below so that you can know how large is the opportunity that is given here and you are also aware of the companies you are working it.

List Of Companies With Which Awign Works

  • Oyo
  • MagicBricks
  • PharmEasy
  • Medife
  • Accenture
  • Zomato
  • Nestaway
  • Raymond
  • Myntra
  • Amazon
  • Swiggy
  • BCG
  • Unzo
  • Everest
  • Vogo
  • Ulu
  • Pidilight
  • PolicyBazar
  • ShareChat
  • Uber
  • Carrier360
  • ITC
  • Cred
  • Ultratech
  • Udaan
  • Barista
  • AbInBev
  • AuthBridge
  • Betterplace


There are many more companies, I have listed the important once.

You must be getting excited by looking at a large number of companies it works with. But, it has bonded with all these companies. It works with only some companies actively.  According to my experience, I have seen it working with companies like- Udaan, Swiggy, Betterplace, Zomato, Oyo and Amazon.

Jobs You Get From Awign

There are a vast number of jobs from which you can choose from. This is a good thing as you can do the job of your choice and earn money. Below is the list of the types of jobs provided here.

  • Calling jobs
  • Delivery Jobs
  • On-field Jobs like Verification of some address or data
  • Copy Paste Jobs
  • Transcription Jobs
  • Promotion Job
  • Lead Generation Job

Some of these jobs are too easy and some are tough, but you get the payment according to the difficulty of the job.

The jobs provided here are categorised into three categories like- from home jobs, jobs to do nearby, jobs to do in college.

You can also choose from- part-time and full-time jobs according to your needs.

How To Use The App

Here, I have explained in detail the steps you need to follow to use the app properly. Make sure that you leave no portion of it so that you can use the app correctly.

Step 1: Installing The App

The steps to install the app is given below.


  • Click on the first result that comes.


  • Click on the ‘install’ option.

Alternatively, you can click on the button below to directly download the app from the play store.

Step 2: Setting Up The App

After installing the app, you need to set up the app so that you can use it. The set-up process is described step by step below.

  • When You will open the app, you will see the icon of the app.


  • After 1-2 seconds, the registration screen will pop up and it will ask you to register.


  • You can sign up with your Google account which is the easiest option to sign up.
  • You can also sign-up using your email account.
  • Next, it will ask you some basic details like your date of birth, college name, location, etc. and you need to fill the details.
  • After filling the details, the app will open and you will see an empty screen because you are not doing any jobs now.
  • You are ready to apply for internships.

Step 3: Apply For The Internships and Start Earning

Now here comes the most interesting part, to earn the money. You need to apply for internships, take the training and start your job. After finishing the job, payment will be provided to you. Here is the step by step process to apply for the internship.

  • Next, go to the ‘explore jobs’ and apply on the jobs that you are willing to do. Make sure you read the details of the internship before applying otherwise it will waste your time and effort.


  • In some cases, you will need to answer some questions in Awign app while applying for the internship. Make sure that you answer all the questions correctly.


  • Then, after some days a telephonic call will be scheduled and an interview may be taken. There is no need to fear from the interview. The interview will be simple and only some basic details related to your job position will be asked.
  • Make sure you know something about the job before applying for the job.

Step 4: Doing The Training

After you get selected for the job, your training will occur on the Zoom app. The training will last for about half hours and you must note the important points told in the training.

Important: You must fill the attendance form given in the training otherwise you will not be eligible to do the job.

Step 5: Start The Job!

Now, you just need to start the job and do the job as you are told to do. They also provide some incentives for the extra work that you will do. So, more time you invest in the app, more money you will make! It is as simple as that.

Do your job honestly and you will earn more.

Remember- Remember that Awing app never demands for money. So, never give money to someone who asks for it on the name of Awign. They have also mentioned it on their official website.


Step 6: Get The Money

This is the step for which all of you have been waiting for. Get the money!

After you finish your job, within 2-3 weeks your money will come to your Awign account. You will need to wait one week more to withdraw the money as you can’t withdraw the money until the ‘due date‘ for the payment have crossed.

During this time, they verify your work.

Methods To Withdraw The Money

The app provides many methods to withdraw the money. Some of the methods are:

  • Paytm: You can withdraw the money to your Paytm account by directly entering your Paytm number while withdrawing the money. You can get the payment instantly with this method.
  • Bank Account: Withdrawal to bank account option is also available here, this may be the most convenient method for many people. You need to fill your account details and you will get the money in your account within 2-4 working days.

My Experience With Awign App

I found this app as a suggestion in play store while I was downloading other money earning apps. I wasn’t that much impressed by the rating that it got, but since I was just experimenting I downloaded the app. And this was my life-changing moment as at that time I was badly struggling for money and this app allowed me to earn.

You can earn good amount of money from this app.

In starting I faced many problems with this app as this app was in improvement stage back then. But now, Awign has evolved very much with time.

I earned a good amount of money from this app and I have shown the earning proof in the next section.

My Earning Proof

Here is the earning proof of what I have earned from Awign.


This is my earning of only 15 days, you can earn up to 20k easily if you are hard-working and use this app daily. I have uploaded this to give you some motivation that earning is possible from this app. I hope, you will earn more than this.

Awign App Review

When I first saw Awign app, its rating was very poor. After  I earned some money with this app, I was wondering why it has such a poor rating. But then I realised that this is because of its poor built. The app is evolving now and hasn’t developed fully yet.

At that time, the app was in the initial stage and there were many faults in this app which is responsible for its low rating. But, the good thing is that this app is evolving now and is becoming its better version day by day. Its rating is also improving.

My Rating To Awign App

I give 4.5 stars to Awign app out of 5. The -o.5 stars is for late payment and rude behaviour of the managers. Otherwise, the app is very good.


Now, we will talk about the pros and cons of working on Awign.

Experience Of Using Awign

In this section, I will tell you about some pros and cons of working on Awign App.

Pros Of Working In Awign

Here are some benefits of working in Awign

  • You get many different types of jobs here. So, you can get the job that you want to do.
  • This is not a fake app. So, you will get paid for what you do.
  • Withdrawal process is easy.
  • The app gives free training, so you can learn various skills from here.
  • You get a good amount of money.

Cons Of Working In Awign

Here are some losses of working in Awign. Negative points are as important as positive once, so read this section also properly.

  • The money paid is more than other apps, but it is still less than the value of the job that you do here.
  • The payment comes late, it takes almost a month for the payment to come in your account.
  • The managers are not well-spoken and they will not receive calls when you ask for payment.
  • Once you are in an internship, they will make you work no matter in what condition you are. They will call continuously until you complete the work.
  • The internships are less in number.
  • If you are from a small city, you will feel like there is no opportunity for you as they select people from large cities only.
  • You can’t work unless you have an android phone and an active internet connection.
  • You need to be in college to earn from this app. I think this is the biggest con of this app.

Even if some of the cons are a big one to consider, you can use the app. You will not regret it.


Now, we will discuss dome important dos and don’ts.

Dos And Don’ts

  • Never take work that you can’t finish.
  • Try to complete as much work as possible as you will get more money.
  • Frequently check the app for new opportunities.

Secret Tips To Increase Earnings From Awign App

Here are the secret tips which will help you to boost your income and these will also make your work easy. I can guarantee that no one would have told you these methods ever.

  • Do more work, when the duration of the job is about to finish, you will earn more in this way as they give incentives when the job is about to end.
  • Do not pile up your work for the last day, finish as much as you can every day.
  • Talk to managers to get special opportunities and get notified about a job early.

These were some super simple and super effective tips to boost your earnings from the Awign App. I am sure that these will help to boost your earnings 10 times what you are earning now.


You can withdraw the money through Paytm or via Bank Account.

Yes, they ask only for name, account number and IFSC code which is required to pay money to any bank. They never ask for more information than this. So, it is completely safe to give this information for payment withdrawal.

This has not been known until now. I will update as soon I get to know its meaning in Hindi.


Awign Customer Care

Here is the email address of the Awign app- [email protected]

This can be used as customer care. There is ‘chat‘ option in the app. You can also use the chat option to talk to their customer care directly.


If you ask my opinion, I will tell you to definitely go for this app. And why not! Awign is one of the best and simplest earning apps that I found till now. It has really impressed me with the earnings.

You must try Awign App once.


We ( are not affiliated by Awign in any way and we are neither promoting Awign app. This article is for informational purposes only and the opinions displayed here are the personal thoughts of the Author. This article does not guarantee that the amount shown or any amount can be earned from the method described above. The money earned depends on many factors.

The user will be solely responsible for any money loss that occurs to them. We strongly advise people not to give any money to the people who ask for money with the promise of providing the job.

We also do not verify that the details mentioned here are 100% correct as details change from time to time. We request our users to do research properly and then use the app.